Nazca Lines & South Coast

2 days / 1 night
$565.00 USD
per person from Lima transport & hotel included

Short on time? Get the most out of your vacation with ease, comfort & style:
Flight over Nazca lines, guided tour Paracas National Reserve, excursion to Ballestas Islands, visit a winery in Ica, visit Huacachina oasis and a thrilling dune buggy.
The price also includes *all* transport, transfers, and fees! From your hotel in Lima!

Nasca Lines from Pisco

by - February 26, 2014

“Before, the only way to see the Nasca lines was to travel to Nasca - usually by bus. But now we fly from Pisco and people prefer it.”Lucio - veteran guide

*New* Nasca lines tours with regular flights from Pisco's renovated airport

Getting to Nasca to see the Nasca lines once used to be a complicated and time-consuming effort. Unless you chartered your own private flight from Lima, public access was limited to mostly car or bus which is very long (7-8 hour one-way) trip from Lima.

“The common sentiment related to us by visitors to Nasca Lines has been one of frustration that so much time is wasted travelling to experience a tour that lasts less than an hour” explains Lucio - a veteran Peru guide of more than 20 years.

While the enigma that is the Nasca Lines is so very powerful, for travellers it comes down to the reality of how they want to spend their precious vacation time - enjoying that time replete with wonders and activities or crammed into buses for long durations.

Thankfully the enigmatic Nasca Lines are now available to those on limited time. Lucio continues, “flying from Pisco's new airport is so much easier. The airport is a 5 minute drive from Paracas or a 20 minute flight from Lima - you save a whole day of traveling that you can use to enjoy all the other great things that Paracas has to offer.”